The Roman She-Wolf

Rome’s Box is the name of a series of books that the publishing house Vision has conceived to popularize the city’s heritage amongst children and lead them to a fascinating approach to Rome’s history throughout ages.

The project has been inspired by the texts of the writer Óscar Martínez García and from an original idea of the artist María Ángeles Vila who shares her creative talents in laboratories dedicated to childrean through an exciting educational process, where various techniques, materials and supporting media are experimented.

The first story is told by LUPERCA, the Capitoline she-wolf who played a key role in the birth of the Eternal City.


Format: cm 19,5×19,5

Pages: 30

Text: Óscar Martínez García

Illustrations: María Ángeles Vila

Graphic project: Carla Ladau


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This book is in English. It is available also in:
Spanish, German, French, Italian