ISBN: 9788897653011

DVD: Carnet

by Alessandro Furlan, Pietro Galifi, Stefano Moretti (ALTAIR4)

A videoguide for images and virtual 3D reconstructions of the 12 most important archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt, available in 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Polish.

With the innovative INTERACTIVE DVD system, you can experience an extraordinary immersive experience on your home TV: an interactive virtual visit to the famous Karnak and Luxor sites.

The DVD also contains The rescue of the Temples of Abu Simbel, a film that documents the dismantling and reconstruction of monuments before they are submerged by the waters of the Nile during the construction of the Aswan dam in the sixties, and a 2D animation of nineteenth-century images taken from the work of Emile Bechard, L’Egypte et la Nubie, 1878, rare visual testimony of Egyptian monuments taken in their intact splendor, with all the charm of black and white vintage.

CONTENTS: Alexandria, Giza, Saqqara, Dendera, Deir El Bahari, Deir El Medina, Medinet Habu, Karnak – Luxor, Elefantina, Aswan, File, Abu Simbel, La Tomba di Nefertari, The desertification of Ancient Egypt

VIDEO FORMAT: PAL 16:9 – 4:3 
DURATION: 90 minutes





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