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The Vision’s Ancient Egypt guide book contains the history and the architectural details of the fascinating egyptian pyramids, temples and monuments, along with 14 past & present images. This is the german edition.

Author: Giovanna Magi, egyptologist and well-known author of archaeological books.


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This book is in German. It is available also in:
Italian, French, English, Russian, Spanish
About This Book

Guide Book: Ägypten

In the Vision’s Ancient Egypt guide book you will find the history and the architectural aspects of the egyptian pyramids and temples, together with many historical curiosities about their great civilization and their pharaohs.

And you will find 14 accurate graphic reconstructions of the most amazing monuments and temples of Ancient Egypt, like the Temple of Abu Simbel, the Pyramid of Djoser and the Temple of Ramses III, that you will be able to easily overlap to photos of their present states, visually comparing the Past and the Present.

Author: Giovanna Magi, egyptologist and well-known author of archaeological books

Format: cm 19 x 13,5

Pages: 100

Reconstructions: 14. Pyramids of Giza, Pyramid of Djoser, Avenue of Sphinxes, Temple of Amun, Temple of Ramses III (2), Temple of Montu-Hotep I, Ramessum, Colossi of Memnon, Temple of Horus, the Sanctuary of Haroeris and Sobek, Temple of Philae, Temple of Abu Simbel, Qaitbey Fort.

Edition: german